Is your competitor
annoying you?

Challenge them into a friendly battle and settle your beef once and for all!

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Beefrs makes settling arguments easy

Challenge your opponent

Send your frenemy an official beef settlement challenge.
Share your challenge publicly to roast them if they 🐓 out.

Agree on the challenge

Choose a suitable challenge from Beefrs challenge catalogue.
You can choose to diss each other's products,

Let the people choose the winner

Share your challenge, get your friends and the public to vote for the winner.

Winner receives an official Beefrs certificate

Congratulations! You now have proof that you are better than your frenemy.
Want a rematch? Challenge your dancing partner for a second round đŸĨŠ

Pick your battles


Did someone copy your startup?

Face them on Beefrs by challenging them to a startup diss. The public decides. Best disser wins.

Are you brave enough? Best gather your suppport group to ensure a slam dunk ⛹ī¸â€â™‚ī¸.


Want to challenge a friend ?

Friends fight, it's normal. Heck, you don't even have to have beef, challenges are FUN!

Create a Tiktok dance. Share it on Beefrs and let the crowd go wild 💃.


Banter with your cofounder?

Beefrs is the perfect platform to go head to head and challenge each other.

Who's the best designer? Battle it out in a 30min sesh and let the people decide 🧑‍🎨